Wages in Seattle go up

I have always wanted to cover the good news; here’s how I am reinventing the way news is reported.

How about videos where you can actually enjoy learning about what’s happening around you and at the same time find out about the best places you can go to?

Here’s my first story:

Wages in Seattle increase considerably since October 2016 making it the fastest growing in the U.S

Watch me as I go around downtown Seattle shooting some beautiful locations and interviewing Seattleits (Local residents, workers and shop owners) asking them about their thoughts and what’s it like living in the metro city.

Seattle wages have increased since last October of 2016 by 2.1% to make it one of the fastest growing U.S cities tying it with San Francisco with an average salary of $60,000 per year.

Whether you are thinking Barista positions or University professors, most occupations in the metro city have gone up in salary.

Glassdoor, the number biggest online job reviewer and recruiter, has announced that there were more than 100,000 job vacancies in the Seattle metro area.

The only job reported to have gone down in wage was ‘maintenance worker,’ it dipped only 0.1 % to 48,843 in Seattle.

The fastest growing job title categories in Seattle are:

  • Barista (up 5.8% to a median salary of $29,172)

  • Insurance agent (up 5.8 percent to $41,890)

  • Recruiter (up 5.8 percent to $62,614)

  • Restaurant cook (up 5.3 percent to $34,089)

Jobs such as Bank teller, financial advisor, construction laborer, truck driver, warehouse associate, business development manager, cashier, store manager, sales representative, and web designer have grown by a whopping 4%.

To get an idea on the top paid jobs in the pacific northwest city, here are some numbers:

  • Pharmacist: $127,154

  • Data Scientist: $125,825

  • Solutions architect: $115,397

  • Software engineer: $110,670

  • Attorney: $109,784

  • Product manager: $109,548

  • Tax manager: $103,348

  • Professor: $99,393

Truck driver and warehouse jobs are on the rise as the holiday season approaches and big companies like Amazon and Walmart are in need to fill such jobs to meet the increase in customer demands.

“We are seeing increased demand for roles that serve as the logistical foundation for back-end operations for online retail. We anticipate this will continue to grow over the coming months, fueled by the upcoming holiday season and as Amazon and Walmart expand their online retail presence,” said Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, Glassdoor Expert.

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