Cannabis shop armed robbery attempt fails, thanks to MLT Police.

by Sherif Seda – Shoreline, Washington

Rainier Cannabis, a pot shop in Mountlake Terrace, North of Seattle, WA , witnessed a failed armed robbery when two gunmen one with AR-45 rifle broke into the shop and demanded Pot and Cash.

Ben Smith, Store Manager, saw the action on security camera and dialed 911, when the police arrived in 2-3 minutes trapping the robbers inside the shop.

“About 11:40 last night, I got a call from the owners and I saw on cameras that we’re getting robbed, so I came in here after they broke out, running out the back.” – said Ben.

The robbery happened just after midnight on Wednesday when the robbers ordered the store staff to get down on the floor and start filling two large bags with pot and cash.

”They wanted cash and a lot of pod” said Ben.

The criminals managed to escape out the backdoor and ran onto the parking lot down the stairs when one of them tripped and rolled down dropping his rifle which the police got in custody.

Police chased the robbers and they were caught in under 45 minutes.

”We’re glad every one is safe and the robbers got caught; Thanks to Seattle police who did an outstanding job” added Ben.


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