Chasing Horizons; How I made it one step closer to the sun.

Bowling time

When I woke up this morning, I wanted to cry; I kept thinking about my past relation, I stressed about how my future may be and felt lonely.

To save a few minutes, I switched the kettle on, washed up and went to pray until the water got hot.

I take praying more meditation, for 5 minutes during the early morning, I just let go of everything in my head and talk to God.

It works miracles, which I can’t explain.

I had my coffee along with porridge and decided to jog to the gym, get in the sauna, take a long hot shower, then jog back.

As I was about to leave the house, I changed plans and said ‘Let’s go to down town Seattle and have some fun.’

I always speak what’s on my mind wherever I am, some think it’s crazy and some don’t, but I like to think.


On the bus, I changed plans agains; I opened google maps and placed the pin at Lake Sammamish which read ’45 minutes by bus’

I suddenly felt a shot of joy running directly through to my heart; I guess the shortest way to make a man’s heart, besides food, is exploring and witnessing new experiences.

I then thought ‘How would you change into running clothes and where would you shower?’

Luckily I always pack a set of gym outfit in my backpack in case I get called out for a spinning session to substitute as an instructor.

I looked up an LA Fitness and there it was, 3 miles away from the Lake.

I changed into some shorts with orange sneakers and a grey top so that the risk of getting run over is slightly reduced.

However, there was an obstacle between me and the Lake, a ‘Weowna Forest Park

As Ryan Holiday book’s reads ‘The obstacle is the way’ I decided to go through it.

The path took about 45 minutes and I ran under high trees some with thick bodies and some with tiny ones, some with leaves as big as a cloud and some completely naked, a few were tall, green and beautiful and the sound of the water falls added to the very exhilarating moments I was experiencing.

While following the trails, I met a nice Dalmatian friend who accompanied me for a couple of minutes adding camaraderie to my journey.

Every once in a while I would get a glimpse of the lake as I was on a high altitude, I could feel I was on top of the world at times.

My energy and excitement kept rising as it felt I was closer to see the lake for the first time in my life.

A short while later, I saw a street with cars driving by and that’s when I realized I went in circles towards the bottom side of the lake but I ended up half a mile away from my destination.

The journey to the first checkpoint took an hour which I guess is about 4 or 5 miles from where I started at LA Fitness in Bellevue Kelsey Creek; I was drained of energy, I found a Little Convenience Store and I loaded up on Kirkland Signature nut bar where you buy one and get the second for free, lucky day.

But there was an issue

To get to the water front, the only way was to knock on those mansions laid out around the beach and ask their owners to get some videos from their little tiny Marina with the private jetty.

The closer I approach a house door, the more my heart races, I was always inspired by ‘Yes Theory’ but today I decided I don’t have the guts yet to do it.

I checked google and there I found a Beach Park ‘Vasa Park resort’, a place where you can camp, picnic, rent a boat to go sail or just spend the day on the beach.

On my way I found a deserted house under-construction right on the lake, I approached carefully and there I was, from wanting to cry in the morning to wanting to cry again after 3 hours, but this time out of joy, in under an hour and half from the start of my journey, I found myself traversing a fence and walking onto a jetty of a multi-million dollar house all for myself.

The view of the mountains along the horizon was breath taking, with the sun trying to force its rays through the clouds, my eyes glared with serenity and I started dancing.

I sat down for a moment to appreciate the best of today’s life and then an idea hit me.

How about a jump?

In no time, I took everything out of my pocket, $8.5 bucks, two napkins, a left hand glove, and a bus card.

I set the phone up and hit record.

Then took my t-shirt off and with a Christiano Ronaldo football skill, I learned at school, I found myself bare footed.

It was about 52 Fahrenheit, I felt the water with my hands in which they gave me a false indication that the water was warm; Later it turned out that my hands were numb at the time.

I said my prayers a few times, not sure whether I would be eaten by a giant shark, a whale or simply hit the shallow depth.

I stepped back a few feet and jetted myself towards the unknown propelling a lot of fear, uncertainty and a racing heart into a huddled jump.

The moment my body got in contact with the water, my skin shivered, my mind froze and I couldn’t control the senses of my action, I found myself swimming like a duck being chased by a white shark towards the jetty.

It was high and I forced myself up a couple of times.

I screamed and yelled with a shock of joy and then I did it again.

I jumped further this time but again couldn’t control myself from swimming vigorously back to the jetty forcing myself up.

I looked at my body and elbows and they were bleeding, while climbing back, the numbness and the cold got in the way of feeling any pain, it was like my whole body was on anaesthesia.

I hurt myself but I didn’t care so I jumped again head first.

And there I was shaking on a jetty of a mansion on the lake and got to experience a moment of a lifetime.

I was wet and shivering but there was no cold sensation as my body temperature was lower than the air temperature and the shaking kept going for an hour until I reached the gym.

After a struggle putting my socks and shoes on on a set of wet white feet, I managed to walk back in a semi straight line to the Little Store and got myself a nice hot cup of coffee, I had to insert a straw as I couldn’t keep the cup balanced.

Back in the gym I took a 20 minute hot shower, laid in the Sauna until I passed out for a couple of minutes then came to Starbucks to appreciate the goodness and beauty of being in a warm place.

Watch the full action here

Thank you for reading and have a nice weekend.

sherif, a dayenjoyer.

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