Seattle’s ”Sandwich Nazi” Bakeman’s Retires

by Sherif Seda – Seattle, Washington.

After 47 years of serving the local residents of Seattle with up to 9 turkeys a day, Jason Wang; Seattle’s famous Turkey sandwich restaurant is saying goodbye.

”I have had a good run, I think it’s time to retire” Says the humorous owner.

Jason is known for his funny wrath with his customers as he likes to keep the lines moving fast and he yells ”What else do you want?” all the time.

Expect to be met with an edgy funny question if you are indecisive by the time you make it to the cash register where Jason stands most of the time.

”People ask, Do you have tomatoes?, Do you have pickles?, Do you have this and that?….What kind of restaurant doesn’t have that?” explains Jason.

The restaurant is Seattle’s most famous turkey sandwich shop and at $5 you can not, not try it.

Each sandwich is freshly prepared to order, the cooks stuff your sandwich with so much turkey, mayo, lettuce and salt and pepper. Add a pickle for 50 cents and a coke for a dollar and you’re on an experience which will stay with you forever.

Some of first time customers show up with credit cards at the till and Jason goes ”What’s that?”

The place is well known for accepting only cash as it has been the tradition for the last 47 years in the business.

Jason decided to serve the last lunch on December 22nd.

When asked about future plans, he said ”Retiring, I don’t know what that feels like as I never skipped a day off at work, but we will see”

The restaurant is at 122 Cherry Street in Down town Seattle, make sure you come early to avoid disappointment.

It’s only open at lunch time during weekdays and it operates until Jason and his crew run out of food, usually around 1 pm.

”Yesterday we ran out at 1:15 after we sold 9 turkeys, each was big enough to last a little longer”

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