The Good Life; Fremont is in Seattle.

It’s been almost two months since I have moved to the metropolitan city in the pacific north west and I am very grateful to say that everything has been working so smoothly.

This city is beyond beautiful; not to mention the State of Washington.

There are so many various areas to discover and learn about.

This weekend I went around Fremont and Down Town Seattle where I had breakfast at Roxy’s Deli; The only New York Diner in the city where the portions are just as massive as in the east coast.

A few blocks away I found the Fremont public library which is very authentic and the building looked like an old English house.

The architecture and decor inside is very serene, peaceful and will sooth any stress you may have during the day.

You also get very fast internet with many desks available for studying on your laptop.

Later I went for a walk around lake union where I strolled for hours along Westlake Avenue and checked out, out of this world scenery of Marinas full of boats, yachts and boat houses where people live inside their boat on the lake.

Imagine having your coffee in the morning to such view.

Along the lake I came across some geese, ducks and stunning parks right on the shore.

I didn’t feel tired even though I walked for 4 hours with numb hands as it was around 32 Fahrenheit, but I kept feeling rejuvenated with every beautiful scene my eyes witness.

The sun quickly and peacefully went down around 4 giving way to a clear sky full of shiny stars.

Holiday lights decorated the trees, the streets, buildings and added an extra jolt of joy to my evening.

I got hungry and so I dug out a Mrs Redds cherry pie, one of my favorite snacks of all time in America.

I then caught the bus and headed down town Seattle which was a 10 minute ride away.

The lights and the city atmosphere just added another couple of thousand or more steps to my evening when I couldn’t resist but to put some Sinatra in my ears and walk around appreciating the day’s blessings.

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5 thoughts on “The Good Life; Fremont is in Seattle.

  1. Our next Fremont frolic will be on Saturday, May 12, 2018. We, the members of the Fremont Historical Society, are doing an exhibit about a Fremont resident who took a steamship to the Yukon. The exhibit will be on display all month but on that Saturday we are showing a 24-minute documentary film about the discovery of the sunken steamship.

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    1. Thank you Wedgwood for the information. Sounds like quite an exhibit. I may not be is seattle at the time but will be excited to watch the documentary online. Thanks for making Seattle beautiful

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