Why Seattle regulated short term rentals and how a car crashed into a pot shop in Bothell

by Sherif Seda – Capitol Hill, WA.

Seattle sets new regulations to limit short-term rentals.

Residential homes that are up for rent on websites such as Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO have now gone under strict measures from Seattle council last Monday.

Residents who rent their homes through various online services will be limited to only two units per host for short term rentals.

Owners and landlords will need to obtain a special licence to rent up to two properties.

The new mesaures only apply to those who signed up to host people after Spetember 30th.

Homeowners who have been renting out their properties before that date are now limited to two units plus their own amounting to a total of 3 units compared to two for new homeowners.

“This has literally been a two-year process,” said Council member Rob Johnson during the meeting. He later added, “We have ended in a very different place from where we started.”

However such rule doesn’t apply to all property owners, people who rent out their units in downtown Seattle especially The Urban Center (South of Olive Way and Cherry Street) will be exempt from the number of units they can rent.

Airbnb worked with the Council to design the legislation which is calling today’s news a victory.

“Today’s vote is a landmark win for Airbnb hosts and guests,” Laura Spanjian, Airbnb’s Northwest public policy director said in a statement. “These rules ensure the overwhelming majority of our hosts can continue to share their homes and earn extra money. Airbnb applauds the City of Seattle for developing a model regulatory framework and we look forward to continuing to work with the city as this new law is implemented.”

The legislation was implemented to prevent property owners from operating Airbnbs and other short-term rentals as if they were hotels. The legislation is part of a larger effort to ensure an enough supply of long-term rental availability for the permanent residents in the city.

Car crashes through front of Bothell pot shop

by Sherif Seda – Bothell, WA.

A car crashed through the entrance of “Have A Heart,” a Marijuana shop in Bothell at 2am Wednesday morning.

This is the second time the place have been targeted.

A car drove barreling through the front of the shop taking out the security gate. The suspects drove off afterward, leaving a hole in the front of the store and a big mess inside.

An employee at the store believes the suspects are the same ones who have tried to break into the store in the past. The shop has increased its security since then, but the force of the impact.

The incident was captured on surveillance video, and the shop’s owners are working with police to try and track down the suspects.

“The suspects managed to steal $15,000 worth of products but the good news is every one is safe” said Taylor Rausch, Store’s General Manager,.

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