The Good Life; Mukilteo is in Washington

It was a frosty Wednesday morning when I decided to go discover a new area in Washington.

Having become a minimalist since two thanksgivings ago, i put on the same out fit and sneakers on and headed up north.

The grounds were extremely slippery, I almost landed on my back several times while crossing the streets or walking along sidewalks but thanks to a “watch every step” mindset I developed during my time with the Royal Marines, I managed to keep my balance.

The number 112 bus dropped me in a sunny neighborhood where I witnessed beautiful houses or better put “Maisons” along the sides.

The job for the day was to take footage of very expensive houses when later the job developed into this video you watched above.


Mukilteo is located adjacent to Puget Sound, a large inlet of the Pacific Ocean separating Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula from the main portion of the state of Washington. Most of the community is on a hillside that faces north or west towards Whidbey Island. “Mukilteo By the Bay” and “Mukilteo By the Sea” are variations of a slogan frequently seen on license plate frames in and around Mukilteo.

In its early years, Mukilteo was a fishing village, trading post, and a port-of-entry. Its Mukilteo means “Good Camping Ground” which is located in Snohomish County and it has a terminal from which you can get a ferry and visit Whidbey Island.

According to the Mukilteo Historical Society, the town became the first settled by Europeans in 1858.


The day couldn’t have been any better when I had to go down town Seattle to take footage of beautiful bridge that stretched along Lake Washington.

That bridge is unfortunately getting demolished and replaced by a tunnel.

It’s called Alaskan Way Viaduct.

Thanks for reading and watching.

See you next time.





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