I kissed a woman I met yesterday, and wished her a Merry Christmas.

She had beautiful skin; we met yesterday.

I first noticed her sleek dark brown long hair when I was having a drink at the bar with a friend.

She showed up, I said “Hi” admiring her 6 foot height and smiled as a gesture with an intention to deliver a message of “I like how tall you are” in an unspoken thought.

Later I went upstairs to my friend’s room.

We invited everyone over from the bar to come join us.

She said “I won’t be able to as I already have my dinner waiting for me in my room.”

I said “ok, I wish you a good night and happy holidays”

While having a drink 🥃, there was a gentle knock coming from the Hotel room door.

Omar, my friend, opened and to my surprise it was her.

She had a creamy white one size bigger casual jumper with a high coal hiding the beauty of her long neck.

I pretended I didn’t notice but my eyes couldn’t keep off her dark training pants that fit her like a glove.

Her height caught 90 percent of my attention, the other 10 went to admire her tiny feet when her nike black sneakers looked like a size 6.

I offered her a drink, she said “no thanks, I just came to say hi”

20 minutes later I swapped seating locations and sat next to her on Omar’s bed.

I offered her a drink saying “would you like a drink?” Making it sound like I never asked that before and trying to pretend I am not distracted by her call beauty.

She said “mmmm, ok”

After a couple, I would fix another drink standing up, although the drinks’ table was within half an arm’s reach but I would get up so when I sit I would sit closer, I did this a few times, until there was no gap between us.

An unforced smile drew onto my face and an adrenalin rush of emotions commemorated it further.

I couldn’t help but voice out how beautiful her smell was and said “I love your perfume” dissecting away any social barrier.

The next day we went out for breakfast.

She had a ring, thanking the gods silently, it was worn on her index.

In the lift of the Hotel, she pressed 14 then 18 where my room was.

“Ding” the lift said, the doors opened and our bodies hugged.

Later in my room, trying to read a book, but the words weren’t registering, her picture filled every gap in my mind.

I said facing Omar “I’ll be back”

I stormed out the door with nothing but a jumper and jeans.

Took my phone and earphones and headed out.

I looked for flowers around the hotel to pick but found none.

I bought a Santa shaped chocolate.

I pressed 14 on the elevator.

I cued the music to the following track

I knocked at the door.

She opened.

She was in her red pajamas looking naturally beautiful.

I said I “I got you something”

She said “come inside”

I said “close your eyes”

I placed one ear phone in her right ear.

I pressed play.

I kissed her lips.

Merry Christmas

Me, Omar and a woman I kissed

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