Dear 2017; Thank you for everything.

Sharm El Sheikh

It was 6 am on a chili January morning, I lost track of the days and never cared about what day in the week it was; they were all the same to me.

Everyday the sun would shine over the red sea while the waves would play a melodic tarantella deflecting the reflected rays onto my view of the horizon brightening my day.

I did my quick exercise while listening to Alex Cruz’s music which accompanied all my days since then through this year.

Bicycling in London and Horse riding in Sheffield.

I flew to London and carried on doing deliveries on the bicycle working for Deliveroo.


My brother took me horse riding in Sheffield.

Hastings, The city of Angel.

A good friend of mine, invited me to spend a week at his place in Hastings south of England.

Meeting a woman I loved.

I loved her. I loved our moments together. I loved having her in my arms. I loved her lips. I loved her eyes. I loved her legs. I loved her smile. I loved her walk. I loved her hair. And I loved us.

Flight to Russia.

I visited her in Saint Petersburg in February.

And I loved her even more.

Miami Music Week

In March my cousin and friends asked me to come to Miami and spend two weeks at the beach city with non stop music.

It turned out to be one of my best spring vacations I ever been on.

Second Flight to Russia.

I loved Nika everyday more and we decided to move together for a month. So we rented an Airbnb and lived in an apartment for 30 days.

We cooked, we danced, we laughed, we jumped, we swam, we exercised and we kissed.

Holiday in Egypt.

I returned back to Egypt and spent three weeks with my family. We went to the North Coast, celebrated my Dad’s 71st and I had an operation.

Animation job in Italy.

I flew to Milan on May 18th and started a new job. I danced, I played tennis, I swam in lake mergozzo, I ate ice cream, I cycled to different cities, I visited Switzerland for a day and made lots of friends.

Three months summer holiday in Egypt.

June 13th I flew back to Egypt and as they say luck come to those who are prepared, I was upgraded to first class.

I spent half the summer in deep depression as the woman I loved decided to part ways without an explanation.

The Robbery of my life.

Two months later, I make it and pass a series of skype interviews and get a job in Italy as a bicycle tour leader.

On the way to the airport, on the train, a well dressed con artist swaps bags and runs away with my backpack, aka my life. (Green card, British & Egyptian Passports, all my important papers since birth, bank cards, drivers licences, laptop, ipod, and 750 euros.)

The world blakened in front of my eyes.

But I am thankful to my parents, brother and friends who stood by me.

Two days in Hurghada

After I got my passports back, I fly to Manchester through Hurghada where I stayed for a couple of days.

Transiting by the Red sea was a good choice to alleviate some of the pain that had been accompanying me.

Sheffield for a month.

I spent a month in Sheffield where I visited as much as I could, worked as a waiter in an iconic south yorkshire restaurant and ran the sheffield 10k.

The move to Seattle.

With the help of my family and great friends aka The Pakkalas, I flew to Seattle with no life destination.

I didn’t have a job lined up, only a place to stay.

It turned out to be the move of my life.

Getting my dream job.

Two weeks after the move, I got two jobs.

I am truly thankful for everything that this year has brought on and to me.

I have been blessed with my family, my friends and God.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

This is Sherif.

collect memories, because today is a good day. — dayenjoyer

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