Thank you for wrapping my heart and twirling it into your love.

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Bainbridge Island, WA. Instagram @ dayenjoyer

All the time, all the energy, all the health, all the thoughts and all of me is yours.

For the past many years, I have been blind folded, I have been manipulated, and I have been miss directed on how to love you and embrace you.

It has turned out that loving you is way simpler than what I was told and informed.

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BainBridge Island, Wa. Instagram @ dayenjoyer

Yes the world I have been living in has shaped how I should be approaching you but I was nothing except a slave to the conformity.

When you have finally directed me to master my days and live by the notion of

today is a good day

Every day has been a blessing. A blessing of you watching over every step I take, every thought, every approach, every word and every heart beat. You have directed me to your light when every one else was misleading me to a derailed reality.

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Capitol Hill, WA. Instagram @ dayenjoyer

I will never be thankful or grateful enough to your generosity and kindness.

Thank you for waking me up with your sun.

Thank you for raining down your snowy flakes onto my Christmas Eves.

Thank you for surrounding me with the goodness of your people.

Thank you for giving me everything I needed when I didn’t know where to look.

Thank you for putting up with my impatience.

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Downtown Seattle, Wa. Instagram @ dayenjoyer

Thank for surprising me with your beautiful scenery and places you take me to.

Thank you for embracing my heart with your peace and warmth when I am cocooned in my wrapped blanket of loneliness.

Thank you for sending me a friend from every corner of your world.

Thank you for painting my heart with the art of non conformity.

Thank you.


Your student.

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