Seattle’s Award Winning Restaurants & Bars

On a sunny week day in Washington, I was asked to cover a story about Seattle’s award winning Restaurants and Bars.

The agreement from the agency was to go to one of those award winners and shoot one story however after reading the whole article on Seattle Eater, I ran as fast as I could around the clock and shot 4 stories instead of one.

If at this time you’re questioning why would someone waste time, energy and effort covering 4 stories when they can only cover one and make the same money.

The answer is: I love what I do regardless of the incentive or the reward.

Here are The City’s best Chefs, Bars, Restaurants and Designers that made Seattle such an Iconic place to be.

Situated in a very beautiful quiet neighborhood north of Seattle with cozy cafes, boutiques and restaurants lined up along the street, lies Junebaby in Ravenna.


2122 NE 65th St. Seattle, WA 98115

Restaurant of the Year Award


Southern food’s humble beginnings embarked when West Africans were taken from their home and were forced across the middle passage to North America. The term soul food originated during American slavery to not only describe a type of cuisine but also a period of time of oppression and overcoming hardships. It is traditionally cooked and eaten by African Americans of the Southern United States and merges influences from West Africa, Western Europe, and North America. As a result, America’s culinary history was built on cornrice, peas, and the hog; many of the ingredients associated with Southern food.

Southern cuisine has always had and continues to have stereotypical connotations. Seen through the eyes of most Americans as inferior, unsophisticated, and unhealthy, Southern food reflects hard times and resourcefulness and is nothing short of beautiful. It is a cuisine to be respected and celebrated.

JuneBaby is primarily a walk-in only restaurant, with the exception of taking a limited number of large party reservations per night.



1054 N 39th Street, Seattle
(206) 632-0185

Chef of The Year Award


Soba is delicious. It’s popular in Japan and it’s getting popular in Seattle too! Thanks to  chef and artisan soba maker Mutsuko Soma who makes it by hand.

What is Soba?

The soba noodle is a popular buckwheat noodle that can be enjoyed cold or hot. Its traditions originated from the Tokugawa period, when soba consumption became popular after it was discovered that consuming thiamine-rich soba noodles could help fend off beriberi, a range of symptoms caused by thiamine deficiency.  Soba noodles are commonly consumed throughout Japan today including special holidays.

How and when is soba eaten?

Soba is eaten year round and very versatile. It can be enjoyed chilled with a dipping sauce on the side (seiro), cold together with garnishes and sauces similar to a noodle salad (bukkake), or in hot broth as a noodle soup (nanban) with a myriad of garnishes and sides – wasabi, grated daikon, green onions, tempura, and various greens and proteins.



4717 42nd Ave SW, West Seattle

(206) 900-0400

Bar of The Year Award

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 10.01.12 PM


A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Alchemy is a 21+ craft bar and seasonally inspired small bites restaurant nestled in the heart of West Seattle’s Junction neighborhood. Their Alchemists are obsessed with the perfect fusion of science and nature with just a hint of the intangible. Their hand-crafted cocktails and farm to table shareable plates will have you experiencing a wide variety of tastes and sensations- and yes, just a few aspects you just might not be able to put your finger on.



2219 4th Avenue


Design of The Year Award


Pintxo (pronounced peen-cho) is a Spanish Tapas Bar located in the heart of Belltown. Pintxo’s micro-kitchen, smaller than most food truck kitchens, produces a vast array of small bites from traditional favorites such as Tortilla Española, Bacalao Fritters, Montaditos de Serrano and Patatas Bravas to modern takes on the traditional dishes from various culinary regions of Spain, including San Sebastian, Barcelona and Madrid.


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