The Good Life; Country Village, A Unique Shopping Experience in Bothell.

On a rainy warm November weekday, I headed North East to a town called Bothell.

Becoming a metro transit bus expert has made me run around Washington to shorten the length and time it takes to get from A to B.

Struggling with the transport system of the county is now a thing of the past.

I arrived around 10am where no shops were open and no merchants were there to great me except some ducks and chickens.

Luckily me and my good friend had some smashed corn so we spent an hour or so feeding the little fellas.

Walking around the festive lights with Christmas trees and hearing the oozing of the ducks have quickly fast forwarded the morning and by mid day local shoppers started pouring in.

I can’t express how delightful it was not to be walking or shopping in a closed brick and mortar Mall.

Country village is a place where you can walk from one shop to another and be chased by cool little animals animals and birds such as squirrels, chickens, geese, ducks and more.

Your kids will love the wild display of animals such as Rein Deers decorated with Santa Hats.

What I loved most about the village was the friendliness, the camaraderie, the hard work and the authenticity of shop owners as well as the shoppers.

The atmosphere is vibrantly natural, the breeze of fresh air when you step outside a shop gives you a feeling of life at its best.

Whether you’re looking for unique gifts, chic antiques or some of Washington best hand crafted art, you will find it at the village.

Have a wonderful day, afternoon, evening and life ahead.


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