Meet My Friend Robert; An Extremely Multi-Talented American

Robert Gloster


On a drizzly Thursday afternoon at Starbucks, I was uploading videos for a news story about regulating laws for States that legalize Marijuana, in which Seattle is among one of them, as well as Colorado with California joining the club last week.

While reaching out for an imaginary cup of coffee which I thought was sat next to my computer, I struggled with a keyword I was adding “Waist vs Waste.”

I wanted to describe what was in the shot and it went something like that “A waist height shot of shoppers browsing in a pot shop”

As I struggled, I looked up and away from the phone, a Gentle Man suddenly appeared in the arch of my view of sight and threw away a napkin in the bin next to my right.

He looked very English. He was 6 foot 2, with a happy serious tall face, a red scarf was carefully tied around his neck and tucked neatly in between straight collared grey coat with a long umbrella held in his left hand as if it was someone who just finished a spectacular show at a theatre in London and about to walk home under the rain.

Suddenly a memory scene of “Dustin Hoffman in Last Chance Harvey” flashed in my mind.


Without feeling any sort of a social barrier I looked right in his eye, and with my slouchy sat way on the sofa said “How do you spell waist/waste?” pointing to mine.

He replied “Waist” I nodded “Aha” when he added “That’s called a Homonym” I nodded again but this time in confusion looking puzzled “Huh?” He explained “That’s what it’s called when two words are pronounced the same but spelled differently like Sun and Son”

I stood up, shook his hands in admiration and said “Thank You,” “My Pleasure” with a genuine smile he added.

He asked “Where you from?, ” “From Egypt” I replied, trying to match his genuine friendliness when he dazzled me with his language skills.

Robert Gloster, an M.D. who speaks 6 languages fluently including German, Arabic, Russian, french, Italian, Spanish and English is an American born and raised humble multi-talented man.

He is also a cook, a Judge, an Aficionado, a certified English and French teacher, a Zumba Instructor, a world traveler, an encyclopedia of knowledge and other hidden talents that I am still trying to learn about.

If you’d like to learn more or from the man I call “Robert, my friend who’s extremely talented” you can find him on facebook here

Thanks for reading

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