Amazon Go Store Opens in Seattle to the Public

Amazon Go Grocery Store has opened to the public today for the first time.

The store was in a test phase for many months and was only used by amazon employees.

Today I went in after lining up in a long queue and had the chance of experiencing something new for the first time.

Amazon Go is the only store in the whole world that does not have a checkout section.

You simply download Amazon Go App , sign in to your normal Amazon account and you’re ready to shop Check-Out-Less.

Once in the store, you open your app, scan a QR code onto a green arrow glass like you would with your boarding pass in a self check in airport control.

Then you shop around and bag your items and you simply walk out; the barriers will open from inside out without having to re-scan your code.

I asked a PR lady during my experience about how the technology works and how does the app know what items I picked but the only answer I received was “it’s Magic”

I bought a Cherry Coke can which was $0.69.

Later when I got back home, I found I had received an email with the receipt.

It really is magic.

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