How Great America Really is; Womxn’s (Women’s) March 2018 Seattle

I am really lucky to have landed and moved to this part of America; Seattle Washington.

The State oozes with various events and news; there’s so much happening here every single day; whether it’s a new technology breakthrough or a new restaurant opening; Washington is a place that has so much to offer.

I took part or better put covered the Seattle’s Womxn’s March which took place last Saturday January 20th across the streets of Seattle.

The March started from Cal Anderson Park close to Capitol Hill at 10 am and finished at Seattle Center at 3pm.

There were many thousands of people with one aim; Show the world how great America really is with its own real people.

People who took part in this March are not politically or socially affiliated to any regime; they are simply Americans, Immigrants, Native American Indians and others with different nationalities.

They all had the same basic human demands; equality, human, religious, political and economical rights.

Old, young, kids, babies and pets participated in the March in order to show the world what real life in America really is.


Jazz Band at end of video is Satin Sirens Instagram @satinsirens

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