Mercer Island – Best City in Washington State

Mercer Island has been named by Money Magazine the best city in Washington State, according to

Mercer is a 5 square mile Island located between Bellevue and Seattle in Lake Washington with a median income of around $130,000.

Money magazine has recently published a list of its best cities in each state in America.

Mercer island was chosen because of its fast economic growth, active community, great schooling systems and high household income.

Here’s an excerpt from Money magazine:

Just over five miles long and two miles wide, the Mercer Island community is known for its affluent residential areas, preserved parks and nature, and miles of scenic shoreline. Located between Seattle and Bellevue on the southern portion of Lake Washington—and connected to the mainland on either side by floating bridges carrying Interstate 90—the island has a commercial hub and popular gathering spot in its town center, where islanders can enjoy events like the Mercer Island Farmers Market or Summer Celebration.

King County’s median income in 2016 was $84,000, with Snohomish coming in 2nd at $78,000 and the State’s median at $65,000, however Mercer has peaked over its neighboring cities.

In 2016, Renton was at $66,000, Seattle at $80,000, Bellevue at $100,000 and Kirkland at $95,000.

But if you are hungry for higher numbers, here are a couple of cities that beat the island.

Medina, home of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, has a median income of $182,000. It’s neighbor city Yarrow point, with a population of 1000, has a median of about $213,000 according to U.S Census Bureau.

Money Magazine is projecting an 8 % job growth in the coming year.

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