Seattle School Bus Drivers go on Strike Again

First school bus drivers went on strike again on Thursday leaving parents of 12,000 students scrambled.

The strike which takes place regularly  around the main school buses garages was calling for equal health benefits, retirement plans and better pay.

Many parents had to drive, walk or bike their kids to school this morning and some relied on the public buses.

“I work as a part-time bus driver, I get up at 5 am the get back home at 4 pm; that’s my whole day gone and I get part-time benefits’ said one female bus driver who was at the strike.

The strike which is organized by Teamster Local 174 said “it is an unfair labor practice strike to protest the actions of First Student, the company that operates the bus service.” Some parents were on hand as well to support the drivers.

However messages were sent six weeks in advance to parents warning them about the strike in order to give them enough notice to make plans getting their children to school.

According to union spokesperson Jamie Fleming, only 26 of roughly 400 drivers can afford healthcare. They earn $18 an hour and work 25 to 30 hours a week.

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