Easy Street Records is in West Seattle

Once upon a Saturday morning;

6:07 the alarm went off, I took a quick shower, fixed a peanut butter bagel and pedestrian-d myself to the coffee shop just to see the barista I had a crush on.

Only to a morning disappointment, the shop is closed due to malfunctioned coffee machine.

Caught the 346 and headed to Ballard north of Seattle to give a Spinning class.

For the first time, about 40 spinners applauded for me and thanked me for a great class.

Thanks to being an ex marine, I took a quick shower and changed in under 10 minutes.

Grabbed my phone and decided to head to West Seattle.

A very local indie looking neighborhood.

After a nice bus ride on the Alaskan way Viaduct which overlooks the Port of Seattle Terminal, I made it to California Avenue.

Asked around where a good place for breakfast and was referred to Easy Street Cafe, which is half Cafe half record store.

The prices are really cheap and the atmosphere is just as great as always in this metropolitan part of America.

I ordered a Frances Farmer French toast breakfast with eggs and hash and a very warm nice cup of coffee.

The bill came to $10.08.

The friendliness of the staff and that of the customers made my day.

I have since been coming to easy street records more than often; whether I want to fill a very hungry stomach or stop for a quick coffee fix, Easy Street Records has been by far, my favorite breakfast place in Washington.

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