Spring in Seattle Washington with a girl I met on the bus


It was 3 pm on a cold December after noon and I was feeling as lonely as I could ever be.

I boarded the 372 bus towards Downtown Seattle and hid away at the far back right corner of the lonely vehicle.

I looked out the window trying to curtain my face away from the monstrous world beyond the glass.

And there she hopped on.

I liked her pants.

And her hands.

I sat up.

A double helping of good life feelings entered the locked doors of my sealed emotions.

I whispered to my now not so lonely self “If she gets off at my stop, I will ask her for coffee”

She got off at 65th street.

And so I did.

My heart started racing so did my feet.

I approached very quietly trying not to disturb the moment of “ear-phone music” she had attached.

I waived hi, coming from her left.

She jumped as if Jerry just got ambushed by Tom.

I said “I am very sorry I didn’t mean to scare you”

With both of her hands on her chest, she tried to reply but the attractiveness of my looks stagnated her speech in a minute of silence.

She was kind enough to let me walk along with her until I could give her my number.

We shook hands and I changed the direction of my travel towards a destination I never set.

She never called.

A month later, she hopped on the same bus.

I smiled at her as she made her way to the seat in front of me and she gave me a “Hello stranger smile back”

I hopped off at my stop and yelled “Happy New Year, call me sometime”

Two days later she texted.

And that’s my dear reader how we met.

Good night from Washington.

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video journalist

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