Rents in U.S. Are Growing at the Fastest Rate in Almost Two Years

Seattle rent increases may have slowed in the last two years, but are now on the rise again.

That’s according to a report released by Zillow Thursday, which says median rents across the country are increasing at the fastest rate since May 2016. Nationwide, median rent has risen 2.8 percent since last February to $1,445. Where are these increases the worst? Yep. West Coast cities like Seattle.

Source: The Stranger

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  1. Same here in the Bay Area but saddens me is that it’s unregulated & the government is allowing greedy apartment owners to increase their price however they want even if it’s no longer affordable for most middle income earners. It’s either people have to move somewhere cheaper or get second , third jobs to avoid being homeless . The American Dream simply became unrealistic in some places of the U.S.

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