Borracchini’s: Seattle’s Iconic Italian Bakery

08:02 am, I stepped off the bus. For a second I thought “Shall I go left or right?”

Looked both ways and glanced an Italian Sign, from a far I couldn’t read what was written on it but the sudden Italian admirer in me said “Let’s go and see what’s it all about”

I walked south Rainier Ave, checked the time; I had 45 minutes to spare before my CPR/First Aid class.

As I approached, my steps sped up after I saw a sign “Lavazza Coffee Served Here”

Founded in 1922, Borracchini’s Bakery was founded by The Borracchini family who migrated from Italy to Washington State.

Remo the owner is 88 years old and still working there as happily as he could ever be.

I had a croissant for $0.99, yes you read that right, and 2 Cream Cheese Bagels for $1.99, yes again you read that right.

On my way out, I spotted a gentleman sat in a corner with crossed legs and arms, I approached with a genuine excitement and asked “Excuse me, I am doing a video of this place cause the world needs to know about how amazing it is. Do you come here often?”

He said “I am the owner, my name is Remo Borracchini”

I couldn’t believe it and in a femto second maneuver I pulled my phone and started filming.

Hope you like the video as much as I liked the experience.

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