Ryan Holiday in Seattle with his new book Conspiracy

A week ago, I was scrolling through facebook when I came across a post: Ryan Holiday in Seattle.

I read it three times to make sure and clicked on the map to confirm that I will meet a writer who not only changed my life but made me the man I am.

I was introduced to Ryan through one of James Altucher’s podcasts and he was introducing his new book at the time “Ego is the enemy

Sharm El Sheikh Christmas 2016

I grabbed myself a copy and flew to Sharm Al Sheikh to spend one of the most life  changing Christmases ever.

After I have read Ego is the enemy, I started to see the world, myself and those around me really differently; I have become aware of that little insensitive guy in me trying to destroy the very basics of being a good human.

It is a must read, if you haven’t done so, you are living a life that is controlled by your ego and the real you won’t surface until you learn about taming the sucker in you.




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