The Secret behind Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s visit to America.

I will dive straight into the information I received from a source.

Mohammed Bin Salman visited Washington D.C and signed a $10 Billion deal to buy arms, simply to bomb Yemen and possibly Iran.

Trump wants to go into war with Iran however Poutin is in the way, so let the Saudi’s do America’s dirty work and every one would be a winner.

“Lets give Saudi $10B worth of arms”

Brilliant idea.

His highness then headed to Washington State and signed a deal with Boeing to buy 50 737 Airplanes equipped with bombs.

On his way back to his hotel, possibly the Fairmont, where I spotted his army of SUV’s and Police, he made a quick stop at Bill Gates’ to sign a deal, this time for $10M as a youth tech program thing.

Hail the king.

It’s a good day from Seattle Washington.

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