Blog: Why is it so hard to be yourself on this planet?

San Gimignano, Tuscany 📷 dayenjoyer

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I need to get to another planet.

Any suggestions?

I am in dire desire of a humanly habitual place.

I am so tired of not being able to be myself wherever I go or be.

I am a guy who likes to be out, who likes to have fun, who likes to enjoy his time, who likes to laugh, who likes to make others happy and who likes to make the most out of his time.

Why such a job is so difficult to attain?

Why do others hate it when you’re too good, when you’re successful, when you’re happy, when you’re satisfied with your life?

How am I to fit in a conversation when my colleagues talk badly about others aka gossip?

How am I to respond when I to work with people who don’t care about themselves or their time or their surroundings or their awareness of being alive?

I am so tired of nodding in agreement when in reality I am not.

Many times I find myself surrounded by great people.

When that is the case, I am so fond of being me; I can express myself freely without worrying about being judged I can axe my point of view as if smashing a rock knowing that those around me will respond in respect and dignity.

Other times I find myself surrounded by not only complete assholes but also complete stupid.

I woke up to a friends post on Facebook saying

Although a Bee pours honey out of her mouth, she has a needle sticking out her ass

When I want to express my point of view or offer a suggestion or simply disagree with what they say I find myself unable to do so.

Not because I can’t, but I will have to alter my character to be another fellow ass hole in order to get along with them.

I hate it so much when I have to play stupid and become someone I simply despise in order to get a job done or a meeting sorted.

I get helpless and brainly paralyzed, as I know should I voice out my honest opinion I will create nothing but confusion, frustration and anger.

So I become as ass hole as well just for that time being.

They say you must read the 48 rules of power.

What power?!!

Power over what?


I’d rather pretend to be one when I am around them because that’s the only way to get along than trying to alter or change their way of thinking or behaving.

I try to show others what a balanced well lived life is all about but I do so through actions not thoughts, words or power.

Being socially smart is something I am learning about and developing every single day.

One minute you’d find me chatting with America’s most famous Heart Surgeon, the next I’d be nodding in agreement to someone who says “You’re making me look bad because you seem to be more out going than I am”

If you have reached that far in reading today’s article, know one thing:

If you find me nodding in agreement to everything you say with a subtle smile it means that I can’t wait to never see you again.

If you find me eagerly listening with shiny glare in my eyes, I would like us to be friends.

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