Sherif is a video journalist and a blogger who covers interesting stories, events, fairs, places to visit and more.

After studying Journalism and Mass Communications at The American University in Cairo, he moved to Dubai and spent 6 years working as a flight attendant for Emirates Airline.

While traveling the world, he got inspired with the places he visited and made it a promise to share his experiences with his friends and family.

The promise grew to be a freelance job as a Blogger for various online magazines.

He then moved to London, built his website and started covering fairs on business, food, music, art and various events in the vibrant capital.

Along the way he developed his videography skills by shooting different parts of the world and putting clips together in sequels of short movies.

After 4 years in England, he moved to Seattle to develop his skills further and learn about American Journalism.

His work is available on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and his website dayenjoyer.

He also blogs at the urbanwatch and selectspecs.

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