3 sunny days in london with a blue eyed

Standing in the middle facing number 113, I make sure I’m at least three steps away from the door; I hit a white button and the sound of my heart beats overrides that of the ringing bell. My head is around 45 degree angle to the floor as the thought of what I am about to witness is weighing me down […]

I kissed a girl at the park; how to fall in love using Tinder

I kneeled and picked a few black berries from a branch.It looked as if it was succumbing to the power of gravity. I opened my hand and offered her some. She smiled and like an innocent child eloquently picked 3. “No, take another one; there’re eight” with a smile I said; “ok” with a smile […]

First, it was love then it was writing; A story of why a writer writes

Today I got up at 4 so I would have more time to be productive. Having just finished a lesson in creative writing, I got an hour to write this post before heading to work. A simple question. What makes a great story or a post? Is it the title, the author, the number of […]

Boil your water on the stove: 10 micro steps to double productivity

I quit drinking coffee and now I feel better, much better. I get up at 5 and sleep around 10. Stress levels have flattened, morning jadedness has gone and afternoon (I want a nap feelings) have become a thing of the past. I drink lots of tea instead, to be exact, 2 in the morning, […]

Angels & Capitalists

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend lessons from silicon valley event lead by Adeo Ressi in London.  It was about how to start up a business and get funding from Venture Capitalists (VC). The session got me socializing with top minded enthusiasts who are already start-ups, business owners, founders and CEO’s. Adeo is such a character; He’s very […]

Good Morning Men

It was approaching midnight, or midday or morning, or whatever. Sense of time was lost, sense of surroundings was vanished, sense of being was f***d. There was only pain, very heavy breathing, sweat, dizziness, nasty smell, hills, rocks, darkness, ankles getting twisted, and the weight of the world was crushing your shoulders, spraining your spine, […]