Blog: Why is it so hard to be yourself on this planet?

Originally published on Medium I need to get to another planet. Any suggestions? I am in dire desire of a humanly habitual place. I am so tired of not being able to be myself wherever I go or be. I am a guy who likes to be out, who likes to have fun, who likesContinue reading “Blog: Why is it so hard to be yourself on this planet?”

Why I loved working at Wholefoods Market

“Can I have a black coffee please?” I asked. “Sure, you would you like room for milk?” The Barista replied After I saw her smile and the way she served me I said “I want to work for this place” Being a Seafood team member then a barista at whole foods have not only addedContinue reading “Why I loved working at Wholefoods Market”

Ryan Holiday in Seattle with his new book Conspiracy

A week ago, I was scrolling through facebook when I came across a post: Ryan Holiday in Seattle. I read it three times to make sure and clicked on the map to confirm that I will meet a writer who not only changed my life but made me the man I am. I was introducedContinue reading “Ryan Holiday in Seattle with his new book Conspiracy”

Trade war with China could severely hurt U.S. businesses

It is how trade wars catch flame. President Donald Trump has proposed tariffs on aerospace, machinery, and information and communications technology products imported from China. Beijing swiftly replied with its own tariffs on U.S. fruits, wine, steel pipe and pork, among other goods. Here at home, some industries are particularly at risk. That’s because companies in theseContinue reading “Trade war with China could severely hurt U.S. businesses”

Spring in Seattle Washington with a girl I met on the bus

  It was 3 pm on a cold December after noon and I was feeling as lonely as I could ever be. I boarded the 372 bus towards Downtown Seattle and hid away at the far back right corner of the lonely vehicle. I looked out the window trying to curtain my face away fromContinue reading “Spring in Seattle Washington with a girl I met on the bus”

Happy Birthday Pino

A perfect gift is memories. Here I made a video to say thank you to Pino after he invited me and a friend for his birthday dinner at Nicolino Restaurant in Issaquah Washington. A good life is best lived with good people around. A dopo!

Seattle’s NorthWest Flower & Garden Festival 2018

  The Northwest Flower & Garden Show has been heralding the start of spring since 1989, as gardening enthusiasts from around the Northwest flock to this annual celebration held in the beautiful Washington State Convention Center for five magical days. Your gardening desires will blossom when you gaze at the spectacular Show Gardens created by the most respectedContinue reading “Seattle’s NorthWest Flower & Garden Festival 2018”