Don’t let the unexpected ruin your expected.

I have been following the direction of the wind of life since the beginning of time. I listened to my parents and went to school where I studied hard and got top grades. Then I joined what they have always mentioned “The best university in the region aka The American University” I failed the englishContinue reading “Don’t let the unexpected ruin your expected.”

How my nickname gives me better days 🙂

When I heard of Facebook back in 2007, I didn’t think it would be any better than Hi5 or myspace.  Upon signing up, I knew what my first name would be.  Sensor, which one guy at school used to call me when he read the word on my watch.  Then I thought for a fewContinue reading “How my nickname gives me better days 🙂”

Why do I post at 6 in the morning 🌅

I have developed a newish habit.  I write every morning.  Why I do this?  No reason.  I just feel like doing it and so I do it.  I like to be myself.  Does it serve any purpose afterwards? Sometimes it raises my oxytocin but just for a brief little time.  It also feels peaceful wakingContinue reading “Why do I post at 6 in the morning 🌅”

Today is a day for my heart to skip a beat.

  It was early December 2016. I booked a holiday trip for me and my family in Sharm El Sheikh during Christmas.   I bought lots of gifts; cheap ones to begin with for Christmas Eve to give to each; my brother, my mum and my dad.   I also bought more valuable ones likeContinue reading “Today is a day for my heart to skip a beat.”

the path of love; a poem.

12:20 Feb 19th, ’17. I wrote you a poem   a book, I opened some lines, I read carry on, my mind plead stop, my heart asserted the thought, the process averted a book, I closed an iPod, from my bag I brought to an external, keyboard I connect I wish, we had now met a message, from her I am waiting whenContinue reading “the path of love; a poem.”

Icke is a girl; She enlightens a nightly cloudy sky into flames of metrological dancing stars of emotional swirls.

Feb 21st 21:14 Last night, I said what I truly felt towards a girl. Not any girl; but a girl I waited for, for so many years. It was not an easy test; So I recited and revised for 5 hours on the same table while waiting for her. I spoke to a wooden wallContinue reading “Icke is a girl; She enlightens a nightly cloudy sky into flames of metrological dancing stars of emotional swirls.”

5 tips to eliminating negativity from your life, forever.

Maybe you’re one of my readers, and have been following my blogs and articles secretly, and because you did not want to click like as it may show on your connections newsfeed, you wanted to give them the image that you are too busy having a life, while the truth is in fact, you don’t.Continue reading “5 tips to eliminating negativity from your life, forever.”

confession of an emotion, my first poem.

Sipping tea, I started. The pages, in a book, I turned. The letters, I read. My mind; dead. Of her, I thought. Another sip, I took. At the words, I look. Anything but register, they would. I struggled. Anything but read, I could. Of her, I thought. Her voice, I recalled. My heart, a fireContinue reading “confession of an emotion, my first poem.”

Icke is a girl, the day I met her was a good day; so has everyday.

Keeping my balance on the jetty was hard however keeping my cool when walking along a pretty girl required a state of mind. “On 3” I said; as I was adjusting the water mask. My heart was pounding double time. Her smile shined as the sun rays struck her teeth, reflected back onto my sight blindingContinue reading “Icke is a girl, the day I met her was a good day; so has everyday.”