I am Sherif, a Freelance Video Journalist. I tell stories through video.

With a degree in Journalism; I cover breaking news and events.

I travel the world and I get inspired with the places I visit creating travel, business, food, restaurants, places to visit, etc.

I also blog on Medium where I share my thoughts in order to understand and get to know the world better.

I wrote for various online magazines including The Urban Watch, Selectspecs and Travelicious.

I develop my videography skills by shooting different parts of the world and putting clips together in sequels of short movies.

I worked for Daddy’s Digest, a global team of journalists, correspondents, experts and creators who aim to explore current affairs and family dynamics from a unique perspective.

For my work portfolio Check my videos on my YouTube channel.

For more, check my InstagramFacebook and Medium.

For full resume please visit my profile on LinkedIn.