The 5ive Emotions of Love

One of the most basic human needs for a prosperous and meaningful life is sharing its moments with someone you love. A while ago I learned about what brings my life true and lasting joy. I was blindfolded when I thought that getting rich or acquiring things is the direction I should take to fill […]

Icke is a girl; She’s the foundations of my heart.

18 Feb 2017 8:11 am Feb 19, I had a dream of her. She said “Can I always call you Sherry” I replied”yeh sure, you can call me whatever you want” “by the way I love your city, specially the buildings, very architectural” I added. With a shiny wide green beautiful eyes she said “I […]

Icke is a girl, the day I met her was a good day; so has everyday.

Keeping my balance on the jetty was hard however keeping my cool when walking along a pretty girl required a state of mind. “On 3” I said; as I was adjusting the water mask. My heart was pounding double time. Her smile shined as the sun rays struck her teeth, reflected back onto my sight blinding […]