Blog: Why is it so hard to be yourself on this planet?

Originally published on Medium I need to get to another planet. Any suggestions? I am in dire desire of a humanly habitual place. I am so tired of not being able to be myself wherever I go or be. I am a guy who likes to be out, who likes to have fun, who likes […]

City of Seattle to Clear Misdemeanor Marijuana Convictions The City of Seattle is to erase misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions prosecuted by the city before pot was legalized in Washington. Mayor Jenny Durkan and City Attorney Pete Holmes announced the decision in a news conference on Thursday. “The City of Seattle has long been a pioneer in changing the way we approach marijuana. I […]

Easy Street Records is in West Seattle Once upon a Saturday morning; 6:07 the alarm went off, I took a quick shower, fixed a peanut butter bagel and pedestrian-d myself to the coffee shop just to see the barista I had a crush on. Only to a morning disappointment, the shop is closed due to malfunctioned coffee machine. Caught the 346 […]

The Good Life; Country Village, A Unique Shopping Experience in Bothell. On a rainy warm November weekday, I headed North East to a town called Bothell. Becoming a metro transit bus expert has made me run around Washington to shorten the length and time it takes to get from A to B. Struggling with the transport system of the county is now a thing of […]

Embracing the unknown is the most beautiful form of living.

“Would you like a car or would you like to get to the American University?” “I would like a car, please. A VW Polo 2000, Blue” That was what my Dad questioned me after I finished high school with top marks; I had studied hard and cheated hard as well to get that Polo. After […]

Thank you for wrapping my heart and twirling it into your love.

All the time, all the energy, all the health, all the thoughts and all of me is yours. For the past many years, I have been blind folded, I have been manipulated, and I have been miss directed on how to love you and embrace you. It has turned out that loving you is way […]

Dear 2017; Thank you for everything.

Sharm El Sheikh It was 6 am on a chili January morning, I lost track of the days and never cared about what day in the week it was; they were all the same to me. Everyday the sun would shine over the red sea while the waves would play a melodic tarantella deflecting the […]

From Seattle: How a day in the life of a Video Journalist unfolds. Learn about WSDOT & Homeowners. 6:07 the alarm went off; I was really tired and so I lied in bed after using one eye to mute the buzzer off on the world’s worst phone, the iPhone 6. I slept naked, with my briefs on; just incase I died and the police would come and check my corpse with dead […]

Why Seattle regulated short term rentals and how a car crashed into a pot shop in Bothell by Sherif Seda – Capitol Hill, WA. Seattle sets new regulations to limit short-term rentals. Residential homes that are up for rent on websites such as Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO have now gone under strict measures from Seattle council last Monday. Residents who rent their homes through various online services will be limited to […]

The Good Life; Fremont is in Seattle. It’s been almost two months since I have moved to the metropolitan city in the pacific north west and I am very grateful to say that everything has been working so smoothly. This city is beyond beautiful; not to mention the State of Washington. There are so many various areas to discover and learn […]