Coffee Sold in California to Carry Cancer Warning

Coffee sold in California to carry cancer warning, a court has ruled. The curt accused Starbucks and 90 other coffee retailers of misleading their customers by not warning them about a hazardous chemical that is carcinogenic. The chemical acrylamide is formed when the coffee beans are roasted for a long time over high temperature. AContinue reading “Coffee Sold in California to Carry Cancer Warning”

Pray for Scott whose pain soothed my fears. 

It’s 8:48 am Egypt time; I am here ☝️  Both my ears hurt really bad with the left one semi deaf from pool swimming. The surrounding world is still asleep hence my favorite time of the day. I will be 35 soon, November 11th to be exact (a GoPro 🎁 will be very much appreciated)Continue reading “Pray for Scott whose pain soothed my fears. “