Sometimes failure, is just failure.

Yesterday I couldn’t find anyone to surround myself and have a nice conversation with, so I tuned in to an episode of Silicon Valley, E1 S3. Gavin Belson, Ceo of Hooli, made a statement which influenced me to write about in today’s post. He approached the podium, placed his arms, elbows straight, on the edge, […]

You can not control change, you can only embrace it. 

A good friend of mine just got divorced a week ago. He called me in shock and said “I didn’t see this coming, as if she snapped her fingers out of loving me. Yesterday he texted “pray for me as hurricane Erma is approaching and I am fleeing Florida” One day he was happily married, […]

Approaching my 35th, one thing I learned, It doesn’t really matter after all.

I just noticed that I have less hair on my left thumb than on my right, the ratio is 6:10 to be exact. A few years ago I also noticed that my right leg is a cm or two longer. Also my right ear seems to be poking out more than the left. What’s that […]

Dear life, I will be 35 soon; please no more surprises.

I know you’re tired of reading all about these self help blogs which end up doing you more harm than good. I know how hard it is to wake up every morning longing for a better day. I know how painful it feels worrying about the future you’re always afraid of. I know how your […]

You only get strong when you have used up all your weak.  

I have been hit, severely so, more psychologically than physically. The most painful I have taken so far was when my relation with a beautiful woman ended. How did I react? Like most normal human beings, I stopped eating or better put the feeling of hunger diminished, I exercised a lot, got thinner, isolated myself, […]

You are far more loved by many than you actually think 💭 

Last night I was looking through my old pictures; you know, that’s what memories collectors like to do; they dig out the most beautiful moments in their lives.  I couldn’t do the maths when I thought of how many people loved or still love me; my mind got out numbered.  It turns out that there […]

What is Man & How to Become One 👤

3 Quotes I live by:  1- “A real man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. A coward hides behind lies and deceits.” -Anonymous  If you have been following my daily posts for a while, you will notice that I speak freely of my thoughts, my feelings and my emotional states.  I […]

How my nickname gives me better days 🙂

When I heard of Facebook back in 2007, I didn’t think it would be any better than Hi5 or myspace.  Upon signing up, I knew what my first name would be.  Sensor, which one guy at school used to call me when he read the word on my watch.  Then I thought for a few […]