I kissed a woman I met yesterday, and wished her a Merry Christmas.

She had beautiful skin; we met yesterday. I first noticed her sleek dark brown long hair when I was having a drink at the bar with a friend. She showed up, I said “Hi” admiring her 6 foot height and smiled as a gesture with an intention to deliver a message of “I like how […]

Your happiness will always be my top priority. 

I have lost my life. I have lost everything. I wish I had lost all my materials and money instead.  I never imagined it could come to this end.  I lost the love of the people I loved.  And I lost her.  I lost my Nika.  I don’t want to carry on living.  What’s to live […]

You can not control change, you can only embrace it. 

A good friend of mine just got divorced a week ago. He called me in shock and said “I didn’t see this coming, as if she snapped her fingers out of loving me. Yesterday he texted “pray for me as hurricane Erma is approaching and I am fleeing Florida” One day he was happily married, […]

The 5ive Emotions of Love

One of the most basic human needs for a prosperous and meaningful life is sharing its moments with someone you love. A while ago I learned about what brings my life true and lasting joy. I was blindfolded when I thought that getting rich or acquiring things is the direction I should take to fill […]

You only get strong when you have used up all your weak.  

I have been hit, severely so, more psychologically than physically. The most painful I have taken so far was when my relation with a beautiful woman ended. How did I react? Like most normal human beings, I stopped eating or better put the feeling of hunger diminished, I exercised a lot, got thinner, isolated myself, […]

What is French Kissing; Here’s what I learned.

The year: 1997. Location: Helsinki, Finland. The What: got selected to a sponsored school trip under the name of GLOBE “Global Learning to Observing and Benefiting the Environment” I was 14. I saw a girl. I asked around. She was Czechoslovakian. I got close to her throughout the days. On the last day, we were […]

Here’s Why Women Are Far Better Than Men

Throughout my years, I met and dated a number of women. Each one was different culturally, socially, mentally, physically, psychologically and of different nationality. I hope I am not sounding like a Casanova. But because my job as a flight attendant exposed me to so many cultures I had the chance to go out with […]

If you’re single, I want you to know this.

Before I begin to dazzle you with today’s post, I would like to share a skill that will let you fall asleep faster. I came up with the words of this article while I was trying to fall asleep last night. I first thought of the title, then a little introduction and the rest just […]

I am in love with an image; Reality, not so much. 

Because I don’t know what I would be writing about., I usually come up with the title of my post after I finish it. For the last few days I have been writing about love. Why? Because that’s what my feelings and thoughts are involved with, these days. I try and occupy my mind with […]

You are far more loved by many than you actually think 💭 

Last night I was looking through my old pictures; you know, that’s what memories collectors like to do; they dig out the most beautiful moments in their lives.  I couldn’t do the maths when I thought of how many people loved or still love me; my mind got out numbered.  It turns out that there […]