My 10 favorite Restaurants & Cafes in London

Here’s what I learned touring London on a bicycle; discover the best places to eat and drink.


I lost her, Forever. How my beautiful love story sadly ended.

We met online, although I hated online dating but there was no other way.  Dressed in blue with a few white stripes, she drew me in like magnet. After checking her profile routinely every morning for a week, I decided to ask her to come to London. Surprisingly, she agreed and within 48 hours she […]

What’s it like not working in an office?

I wake up every day looking forward to going to work; Do you ever remember when was the last time you got up on a Monday morning saying ‘Today is a good day’? Once I rise I say ‘Today is a good day’ and then get out of bed. It doesn’t matter how am I […]