Happy Birthday Pino

A perfect gift is memories. Here I made a video to say thank you to Pino after he invited me and a friend for his birthday dinner at Nicolino Restaurant in Issaquah Washington. A good life is best lived with good people around. A dopo!

Amazon Go Store Opens in Seattle to the Public

Amazon Go Grocery Store has opened to the public today for the first time. The store was in a test phase for many months and was only used by amazon employees. Today I went in after lining up in a long queue and had the chance of experiencing something new for the first time. AmazonContinue reading “Amazon Go Store Opens in Seattle to the Public”

daPino; Uno Chef Molto Gentile with an Italian Restaurant in Ravenna Seattle.

It was a pleasant sunny beautiful Sunday when I found myself strolling down Ravenna Avenue in North of Seattle. As I was absorbing the warmth of the winter sun, I walked across a small Italian negozio by the name of daPino; I approached the windows and elbowed away the dust to get a glimpse ofContinue reading “daPino; Uno Chef Molto Gentile with an Italian Restaurant in Ravenna Seattle.”

Seattle’s Award Winning Restaurants & Bars

On a sunny week day in Washington, I was asked to cover a story about Seattle’s award winning Restaurants and Bars. The agreement from the agency was to go to one of those award winners and shoot one story however after reading the whole article on Seattle Eater, I ran as fast as I couldContinue reading “Seattle’s Award Winning Restaurants & Bars”

Seattle’s ”Sandwich Nazi” Bakeman’s Retires

by Sherif Seda – Seattle, Washington. After 47 years of serving the local residents of Seattle with up to 9 turkeys a day, Jason Wang; Seattle’s famous Turkey sandwich restaurant is saying goodbye. ”I have had a good run, I think it’s time to retire” Says the humorous owner. Jason is known for his funny wrathContinue reading “Seattle’s ”Sandwich Nazi” Bakeman’s Retires”

My 10 favorite Restaurants & Cafes in London

Here’s what I learned touring London on a bicycle; discover the best places to eat and drink.

6 ways to fill the void when your daily needs aren’t met.

dayenjoyer 1- Work, forcefully so: “If it doesn’t suck, it’s not worth doing” -Benjamin P. Hardy  I feel bad on a daily basis, many times for no reason. How I feel affects my outlook on life but I will not let my feelings control my productivity levels. There’s work to be done every day. No excuses.Continue reading “6 ways to fill the void when your daily needs aren’t met.”

10 Tips To Tourists Who Want To Enjoy New York But Don’t Know How

If you ever wondered how to enjoy every minute of your time in New York; Worry no more. I wrote an article about how to simply enjoy The Big Apple. Click Here to read the article on Travelicious.world