Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh Golden View Beach Resort; A Place I call Home.

I have been staying here for the last 4 years because I always feel like home if not paradise. From the moment you step foot inside this amazing resort right on the Red Sea until the moment you step foot outside, you will feel like you’re “The King of Egypt” I don’t usually visit theContinue reading “Renaissance Sharm El Sheikh Golden View Beach Resort; A Place I call Home.”

Embracing the unknown is the most beautiful form of living.

“Would you like a car or would you like to get to the American University?” “I would like a car, please. A VW Polo 2000, Blue” That was what my Dad questioned me after I finished high school with top marks; I had studied hard and cheated hard as well to get that Polo. AfterContinue reading “Embracing the unknown is the most beautiful form of living.”

Thank you for wrapping my heart and twirling it into your love.

All the time, all the energy, all the health, all the thoughts and all of me is yours. For the past many years, I have been blind folded, I have been manipulated, and I have been miss directed on how to love you and embrace you. It has turned out that loving you is wayContinue reading “Thank you for wrapping my heart and twirling it into your love.”

Bainbridge is an Island in Washington; Christmas Edition Video.

This video took me more than 8 hours of editing work; I am not bragging, well I am actually a little bit. The reason I am not writing about the experience is 1) I don’t have energy or time left and 2) A picture speaks million words. Merry Christmas

Learn about Fighting Plastic Pollution, Extreme Adventurers and People who love our planet.

Ihad the pleasure to get invited for a special event’s day at The Royal Geographical Society (With IBG) in Albert Hall in London to attend Steppes Travel Beyond Festival under the slogan ”Fighting Plastic Pollution” The two day event featured keynotes by extreme endurance adventurers and athletes along with photographers,film producers, influencers, entrepreneurs and more.Continue reading “Learn about Fighting Plastic Pollution, Extreme Adventurers and People who love our planet.”

My 10 favorite Restaurants & Cafes in London

Here’s what I learned touring London on a bicycle; discover the best places to eat and drink.

8 Days in Lake Maggiore, Mergozzo, Arona, Stresa & Verbania

One of the most beautiful camping places in Italy around the cleanest Lake in Europe.  Watch my tour around the lake here

Live your life impressing yourself

I was consistent for more than 60 days. I would write first thing in the morning and it felt great finishing a piece which started out of nothing. Then I read that to be a good writer, you have to focus on quality not quantity; it didn’t resonate or sound right with me. Close peopleContinue reading “Live your life impressing yourself”

Sometimes failure, is just failure.

Yesterday I couldn’t find anyone to surround myself and have a nice conversation with, so I tuned in to an episode of Silicon Valley, E1 S3. Gavin Belson, Ceo of Hooli, made a statement which influenced me to write about in today’s post. He approached the podium, placed his arms, elbows straight, on the edge,Continue reading “Sometimes failure, is just failure.”

Don’t let the unexpected ruin your expected.

I have been following the direction of the wind of life since the beginning of time. I listened to my parents and went to school where I studied hard and got top grades. Then I joined what they have always mentioned “The best university in the region aka The American University” I failed the englishContinue reading “Don’t let the unexpected ruin your expected.”