Living the American Dream in San Francisco Day 2, The Chinese in Me   Day 2 spent around The public Saturday market in San Francisco and exploring China Town while indulging in a bowl of duck noodle soup. Nihao! Advertisements

Living the American Dream in San Francisco, Day 1 The LimeBike and Chowder Experience. Here’s how to get the best out of the California Capital. The fastest and cheapest way to get around town is by using LimeBike The best place to eat Seafood chowder is Boudin Boudin Bakery Cafe If you fancy a real pearl out of an oyster check Pearl Factory, Hawaii’s Original Pearl-In-The-Oyster Staying at the Wyndham Rewards Hotels is by […]

Spring in Seattle Washington with a girl I met on the bus   It was 3 pm on a cold December after noon and I was feeling as lonely as I could ever be. I boarded the 372 bus towards Downtown Seattle and hid away at the far back right corner of the lonely vehicle. I looked out the window trying to curtain my face away […]

LimeBikes introduce E-Bikes in Seattle Now it’s easier than ever to cycle around hilly Seattle LimeBikes introduce E-Bikes that will make your ride, sweat free and effortless.