The Good Life; Leaving London was tough. I kept walking up and down the electrical walk way; the desire to forfeit my decision of leaving such a beautiful city behind was extremely high and confusing that I ended up walking in the opposite direction of the moving ground. I kept saying ‘I love you London’ while I was checking the various […]

Learn about Fighting Plastic Pollution, Extreme Adventurers and People who love our planet. Ihad the pleasure to get invited for a special event’s day at The Royal Geographical Society (With IBG) in Albert Hall in London to attend Steppes Travel Beyond Festival under the slogan ”Fighting Plastic Pollution” The two day event featured keynotes by extreme endurance adventurers and athletes along with photographers,film producers, influencers, entrepreneurs and […]

My 10 favorite Restaurants & Cafes in London

Here’s what I learned touring London on a bicycle; discover the best places to eat and drink.

You can not control change, you can only embrace it. 

A good friend of mine just got divorced a week ago. He called me in shock and said “I didn’t see this coming, as if she snapped her fingers out of loving me. Yesterday he texted “pray for me as hurricane Erma is approaching and I am fleeing Florida” One day he was happily married, […]

Here’s a secret a real blogger doesn’t want you to know.

A few days ago, Medium considered me one of its top writers in inspiration. Followers since then have been increasing at a rate of 5-10 a day; currently there are 117 people following my stories. Take out 30% scammers, another 30% who like to be everywhere but in reality no where and another 30% who […]

I lost her, Forever. How my beautiful love story sadly ended.

We met online, although I hated online dating but there was no other way.  Dressed in blue with a few white stripes, she drew me in like magnet. After checking her profile routinely every morning for a week, I decided to ask her to come to London. Surprisingly, she agreed and within 48 hours she […]

What’s it like not working in an office?

I wake up every day looking forward to going to work; Do you ever remember when was the last time you got up on a Monday morning saying ‘Today is a good day’? Once I rise I say ‘Today is a good day’ and then get out of bed. It doesn’t matter how am I […]

Today is a good day; thanks to a beautiful woman.

The golden color on the face of the coffee is slowly dissolving and disseminating away at the inside walls of the cup as if succumbing to the power of the black circle dominating the surface. A red painted tea-less pot is celebrating its vivid colors with 3 complimenting redder roses as if intertwined in a love able harmonial relation. Lifting […]

3 sunny days in london with a blue eyed

Standing in the middle facing number 113, I make sure I’m at least three steps away from the door; I hit a white button and the sound of my heart beats overrides that of the ringing bell. My head is around 45 degree angle to the floor as the thought of what I am about to witness is weighing me down […]