Enjoying your journey is way more rewarding than the mythical there.

“Enjoy yourself, it is later than you think.” ~ Socrates The journey of life becomes more exciting when you stop and make notice of every day passing by. Many of us set goals whether financially, physically, emotionally or spiritually. Have you ever wondered that reaching such goal will not get you the thought or feeling […]

How to have a Marine Fit mindset when facing high seas.

One of the habits of the most successful people is they are able to do their work when they least feel like doing it. When there’s no excitement in your life, especially after a trauma, doing the work you’ve always been passionate about seems un purposeful. However, I learned ways through my challenges in life, […]

What is Man & How to Become One 👤

3 Quotes I live by:  1- “A real man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. A coward hides behind lies and deceits.” -Anonymous  If you have been following my daily posts for a while, you will notice that I speak freely of my thoughts, my feelings and my emotional states.  I […]

Good Morning Men

It was approaching midnight, or midday or morning, or whatever. Sense of time was lost, sense of surroundings was vanished, sense of being was f***d. There was only pain, very heavy breathing, sweat, dizziness, nasty smell, hills, rocks, darkness, ankles getting twisted, and the weight of the world was crushing your shoulders, spraining your spine, […]