How I use social media to inspire myself and others. 

During the last few days, a fleeting thought has been visiting me. “How about quitting the internet for a while” After giving it some attention, I bullet pointed in my head what I gain from using social media: Facebook they say that a study has been carried and found out that people get depressed after […]

Why Medium is my all time favorite app.

Here’s what my daily theme look like I call it so because it takes the stress out of the equation away. (Thank you James Altucher for the tip) I don’t do all of these tasks religiously; on a good day I’d accomplish 70% of the list, on a bad one about 95%. Yes it may […]

Getting lots of money will not make you rich, passions will. 

10 years ago my Dad advised me to buy a house. Since my childhood I developed a spending habit that I would never put all my sweat from work in a materialistic need. My Dad’s words at the time were of a deeper impact than my outlook on the future: “Sherif, you must buy a […]

How constant learning develops a better version of me. 

The more you get yourself out there, the more you experience. The more you experience, the more you learn. The more you learn, the better you become. Since January of this year, I have made learning my all time favorite hobby. I have many other hobbies like triathlon, coffee, ice cream (yes I consider these […]