Do We Really Need Daylight Saving Time in America? I went around Seattle Washington to see what people think of the idea behind the use of Daylight Saving Time in America. Does it really benefit society? Does it save energy? Does it do any good to the community? Watch the video to find out what Seatlleits think of this. Music: Transient Vultures

More companies Boycott NRA ending relations with gun lobby Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Wyndham Hotels, Symantec and many companies are boycotting NRA (National Rifle Association). Watch my video to learn out why.

LimeBikes introduce E-Bikes in Seattle Now it’s easier than ever to cycle around hilly Seattle LimeBikes introduce E-Bikes that will make your ride, sweat free and effortless.

City of Seattle to Clear Misdemeanor Marijuana Convictions The City of Seattle is to erase misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions prosecuted by the city before pot was legalized in Washington. Mayor Jenny Durkan and City Attorney Pete Holmes announced the decision in a news conference on Thursday. “The City of Seattle has long been a pioneer in changing the way we approach marijuana. I […]

Amtrak Train Crash Investigation Continues in Seattle with new Information It was 5 am on December 18th when an Amtrak train bound to Portland from Seattle started journeying. The train derailed and fell over a bridge in the city of DuPont killing 3 people and injuring more than 70. The relatively new hired train engineer was assigned to be the conductor on that train […]

Mercer Island – Best City in Washington State Mercer Island has been named by Money Magazine the best city in Washington State, according to Mercer is a 5 square mile Island located between Bellevue and Seattle in Lake Washington with a median income of around $130,000. Money magazine has recently published a list of its best cities in each state in […]

Why Seattle regulated short term rentals and how a car crashed into a pot shop in Bothell by Sherif Seda – Capitol Hill, WA. Seattle sets new regulations to limit short-term rentals. Residential homes that are up for rent on websites such as Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO have now gone under strict measures from Seattle council last Monday. Residents who rent their homes through various online services will be limited to […]

This week’s Seattle’s news; Why invest in Microsoft, buy a house that is Built Green, shop at Country Village and support first student Bus Drivers. Sherif Seda reporting – Seattle, WA. Microsoft announces Multi-Billion-Dollar expansion leading to 8,000 jobs in Seattle Microsoft has announced big plans to expand its headquarters in Redmond, Washington over the next 7 years. The project  with an over bridge link connecting the new and the current campus will include a $150 million transportation infrastructure […]