Getting lots of money will not make you rich, passions will. 

10 years ago my Dad advised me to buy a house. Since my childhood I developed a spending habit that I would never put all my sweat from work in a materialistic need. My Dad’s words at the time were of a deeper impact than my outlook on the future: “Sherif, you must buy a […]

What is Man & How to Become One 👤

3 Quotes I live by:  1- “A real man will be honest no matter how painful the truth is. A coward hides behind lies and deceits.” -Anonymous  If you have been following my daily posts for a while, you will notice that I speak freely of my thoughts, my feelings and my emotional states.  I […]

Good Morning Men

It was approaching midnight, or midday or morning, or whatever. Sense of time was lost, sense of surroundings was vanished, sense of being was f***d. There was only pain, very heavy breathing, sweat, dizziness, nasty smell, hills, rocks, darkness, ankles getting twisted, and the weight of the world was crushing your shoulders, spraining your spine, […]