daPino; Uno Chef Molto Gentile with an Italian Restaurant in Ravenna Seattle.

https://youtu.be/l1P03ZBZPlU It was a pleasant sunny beautiful Sunday when I found myself strolling down Ravenna Avenue in North of Seattle. As I was absorbing the warmth of the winter sun, I walked across a small Italian negozio by the name of daPino; I approached the windows and elbowed away the dust to get a glimpse […]

Seattle’s Award Winning Restaurants & Bars

https://youtu.be/Gb2yO_q9dho On a sunny week day in Washington, I was asked to cover a story about Seattle’s award winning Restaurants and Bars. The agreement from the agency was to go to one of those award winners and shoot one story however after reading the whole article on Seattle Eater, I ran as fast as I […]