Embracing the unknown is the most beautiful form of living.

“Would you like a car or would you like to get to the American University?” “I would like a car, please. A VW Polo 2000, Blue” That was what my Dad questioned me after I finished high school with top marks; I had studied hard and cheated hard as well to get that Polo. After […]

Upgrading your mind from a thinker to a doer will make your life excitingly prosperous.

She woke up one morning to the sounds of multiple “dings” from her latest iPhone. Upon swiping, she learned that her business took off. She jumped out of bed, still unaware of the reality of the situation, she thought it was a dream. She rushed to the bathroom and washed her face. Soap got into […]

Icke¬†is a girl; She enlightens a nightly cloudy sky into flames of metrological dancing stars of emotional swirls.

Feb 21st 21:14 Last night, I said what I truly felt towards a girl. Not any girl; but a girl I waited for, for so many years. It was not an easy test; So I recited and revised for 5 hours on the same table while waiting for her. I spoke to a wooden wall […]

I lost her, Forever. How my beautiful love story sadly ended.

We met online, although I hated online dating but there was no other way. ¬†Dressed in blue with a few white stripes, she drew me in like magnet. After checking her profile routinely every morning for a week, I decided to ask her to come to London. Surprisingly, she agreed and within 48 hours she […]

Thank you for visiting; Please come again; a short story.

I opened the door and stepped outside; it was 3 in the morning and the world was as peaceful as it could ever be. The light posts stood in single files some of which hid away in between trees. The driveway bended at the edges while the parked cars sunk near the sidewalks as if […]

Today is a good day; thanks to a beautiful woman.

The golden color on the face of the coffee is slowly dissolving and disseminating¬†away at¬†the inside¬†walls of the cup as if succumbing to the power of the black circle¬†dominating the surface. A¬†red painted tea-less pot is celebrating its vivid colors with 3 complimenting redder roses as if intertwined in a love able harmonial relation. Lifting […]