New Video: a present to say sorry 😔 to Icke after I made a big poo.

This is a present to say sorry 😔 to Icke after I made a big poo. Miraculously it worked and now I am happy 😃 It’s not how much money you put into a gift 🎁 , it’s how much meaningful it shows🎈 Hope you like it Advertisements

Icke is a girl, the day I met her was a good day; so has everyday.

Keeping my balance on the jetty was hard however keeping my cool when walking along a pretty girl required a state of mind. “On 3” I said; as I was adjusting the water mask. My heart was pounding double time. Her smile shined as the sun rays struck her teeth, reflected back onto my sight blinding […]

What’s it like not working in an office?

I wake up every day looking forward to going to work; Do you ever remember when was the last time you got up on a Monday morning saying ‘Today is a good day’? Once I rise I say ‘Today is a good day’ and then get out of bed. It doesn’t matter how am I […]