E. Coli outbreak in 7 states led to the investigation of a Panera Bread

https://youtu.be/ntrTNv63ROE   An e. coli outbreak with no known source has spread to seven states, infecting 17 people and prompting an investigation by state and federal health officials. The state hit hardest by the outbreak is New Jersey, which has six cases that led to the investigation of a Panera Bread. Other states include: Idaho, Ohio, Pennsylvania, […]

Why I loved working at Wholefoods Market

https://youtu.be/GgCUJb5zXQo “Can I have a black coffee please?” I asked. “Sure, you would you like room for milk?” The Barista replied After I saw her smile and the way she served me I said “I want to work for this place” Being a Seafood team member then a barista at whole foods have not only […]

Durkan plans to cut traffic, greenhouse gases by Tolling Downtown Seattle

https://youtu.be/K6ZdKwHc9KU Jenny Durkan, Seattle’s Mayor is pushing plans to cut down congestion and greenhouse gases in the city by introducing new tolls in the streets of downtown Seattle. No other American city has managed to succeed in such system however international ones did. London, Stockholm and Milan have implemented widespread tolling and have generally faced public […]

The Secret behind Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s visit to America.

https://youtu.be/JcOqh9CGpgo I will dive straight into the information I received from a source. Mohammed Bin Salman visited Washington D.C and signed a $10 Billion deal to buy arms, simply to bomb Yemen and possibly Iran. Trump wants to go into war with Iran however Poutin is in the way, so let the Saudi’s do America’s […]

Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor Hit by Credit Card Breach

https://youtu.be/TJNh7bw5Mo8 Sherif Seda, Seattle, WA – Hudson’s Bay Co, The Canadian company that owns Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor has been hacked by a well known hacker called JokerStash. Over 5 million credit cards have been breached and now in the hands of the hackers. “The hacking group has so far released about […]

Microsoft reorg shakes up Windows, The Windows and Devices Group is no more.

https://youtu.be/7sfPCbTgmT8 Microsoft reorg shakes up Windows group, Windows leader Terry Myerson departs Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced a company reorganization today with major changes coming to the Windows and Devices Group (WDG) The unit houses Windows development, Surface, and HoloLens. The group is being split up. A new unit, “Experiences & Devices” will be led […]

Trump Fires Veterans Affairs Secretary Shulkin

https://youtu.be/82EC9ecDTc8 Trump just fired Shulkin and replaced him with Ronny L. Jackson, a 50 year old Admiral in the Navy. Jackson has also served as the White House Physician or better put, Trump’s personal Dr. Jackson who’s refereed to in the west wing as Dr. Ronny has been traveling with Trump on many occasions and […]

Borracchini’s: Seattle’s Iconic Italian Bakery

https://youtu.be/bou9icrsfUo 08:02 am, I stepped off the bus. For a second I thought “Shall I go left or right?” Looked both ways and glanced an Italian Sign, from a far I couldn’t read what was written on it but the sudden Italian admirer in me said “Let’s go and see what’s it all about” I […]

Rents in U.S. Are Growing at the Fastest Rate in Almost Two Years

https://youtu.be/itrK-dt7quQ Seattle rent increases may have slowed in the last two years, but are now on the rise again. That’s according to a report released by Zillow Thursday, which says median rents across the country are increasing at the fastest rate since May 2016. Nationwide, median rent has risen 2.8 percent since last February to […]

Climbing Mount Si in Washington is easier than you think

https://youtu.be/Cf4e3QAi8NI   One  fine January Sunday Morning in Washington State, I decide to climb up a mountain for the first time. A week earlier a guy who summited a 1000 mountain in America you should do it. And so I did. Watch full video on youtube https://youtu.be/Cf4e3QAi8NI