Happy Birthday Pino

A perfect gift is memories. Here I made a video to say thank you to Pino after he invited me and a friend for his birthday dinner at Nicolino Restaurant in Issaquah Washington. A good life is best lived with good people around. A dopo!

Seattle’s NorthWest Flower & Garden Festival 2018

  The Northwest Flower & Garden Show has been heralding the start of spring since 1989, as gardening enthusiasts from around the Northwest flock to this annual celebration held in the beautiful Washington State Convention Center for five magical days. Your gardening desires will blossom when you gaze at the spectacular Show Gardens created by the most respectedContinue reading “Seattle’s NorthWest Flower & Garden Festival 2018”

Easy Street Records is in West Seattle

Once upon a Saturday morning; 6:07 the alarm went off, I took a quick shower, fixed a peanut butter bagel and pedestrian-d myself to the coffee shop just to see the barista I had a crush on. Only to a morning disappointment, the shop is closed due to malfunctioned coffee machine. Caught the 346 andContinue reading “Easy Street Records is in West Seattle”

How Great America Really is; Womxn’s (Women’s) March 2018 Seattle

I am really lucky to have landed and moved to this part of America; Seattle Washington. The State oozes with various events and news; there’s so much happening here every single day; whether it’s a new technology breakthrough or a new restaurant opening; Washington is a place that has so much to offer. I tookContinue reading “How Great America Really is; Womxn’s (Women’s) March 2018 Seattle”

Amazon Go Store Opens in Seattle to the Public

Amazon Go Grocery Store has opened to the public today for the first time. The store was in a test phase for many months and was only used by amazon employees. Today I went in after lining up in a long queue and had the chance of experiencing something new for the first time. AmazonContinue reading “Amazon Go Store Opens in Seattle to the Public”

daPino; Uno Chef Molto Gentile with an Italian Restaurant in Ravenna Seattle.

It was a pleasant sunny beautiful Sunday when I found myself strolling down Ravenna Avenue in North of Seattle. As I was absorbing the warmth of the winter sun, I walked across a small Italian negozio by the name of daPino; I approached the windows and elbowed away the dust to get a glimpse ofContinue reading “daPino; Uno Chef Molto Gentile with an Italian Restaurant in Ravenna Seattle.”

Meet My Friend Robert; An Extremely Multi-Talented American

On a drizzly Thursday afternoon at Starbucks, I was uploading videos for a news story about regulating laws for States that legalize Marijuana, in which Seattle is among one of them, as well as Colorado with California joining the club last week. While reaching out for an imaginary cup of coffee which I thought wasContinue reading “Meet My Friend Robert; An Extremely Multi-Talented American”

The Good Life; Country Village, A Unique Shopping Experience in Bothell.

On a rainy warm November weekday, I headed North East to a town called Bothell. Becoming a metro transit bus expert has made me run around Washington to shorten the length and time it takes to get from A to B. Struggling with the transport system of the county is now a thing of theContinue reading “The Good Life; Country Village, A Unique Shopping Experience in Bothell.”

Seattle’s Award Winning Restaurants & Bars

On a sunny week day in Washington, I was asked to cover a story about Seattle’s award winning Restaurants and Bars. The agreement from the agency was to go to one of those award winners and shoot one story however after reading the whole article on Seattle Eater, I ran as fast as I couldContinue reading “Seattle’s Award Winning Restaurants & Bars”

Embracing the unknown is the most beautiful form of living.

“Would you like a car or would you like to get to the American University?” “I would like a car, please. A VW Polo 2000, Blue” That was what my Dad questioned me after I finished high school with top marks; I had studied hard and cheated hard as well to get that Polo. AfterContinue reading “Embracing the unknown is the most beautiful form of living.”